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Integrating spirituality, education and travel for over a quarter century

We are a 39 year-old international practice that integrates spirituality, education and travel to create compelling programs to places where significant change in human history has occurred. Program participants return home transformed, having experienced first-hand other histories, cultures and traditions. This experience changes the way we see ourselves and the people and places around us.

Our clients include religious and non-profit organizations; academic and research institutions; cultural and institutional organizations. We’ve always approached program development as the key to helping organizations realize their objectives and goals in a travel program.

We have years of experience helping organizations – those who enter the foray of overseas travel for the first time as well as seasoned globe-trekkers – articulate their vision and message in a travel program. We help clients build community, foster relationships, raise capital, increase participation in sponsored programs and add value to the organization – over the short and long term.

In all cases, what we bring to the table is creative thinking, fresh ideas and approaches, a sense of what works and doesn’t and the ability to keep the big picture in focus while attending to the many details – all aimed at achieving our clients’ goals with a sensible expenditure of time and money.