Chloromycetin 250

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Reading resources for the world traveller

Preparing yourself for life transforming experiences in other lands can be enhanced with travel reading that helps contextualize what you will see and experience abroad. Our local experts do a great job of making complex historical information accessible to participants in our journeys. Supplementing guided visits with pre-journey reading makes venues more stimulating for participants as they come prepared with a lively curiosity.

In consultation with our clients, we have developed a bibliography of materials. If you come across a book that has helped you make greater sense of historical events, artistic treasures, religious beliefs and practices, or other local cultural perspectives, please share the title with us for future sojourners.

All Destinations
Rome (& Ancient Roman Life & Early Christianity)
Other Italian Cities/Regions

Interfaith and Ecumenical
Turkey and Greece (& Early Christianity)
World Religions
Luther and the Reformation and Germany
The Holy Land
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The bibliography is sorted by destination and particular focus. Books are also rated according to the following levels:
(*) - General interest (**) - Accessible (***) - Scholarly

Books and Materials for All Destinations

There are many guidebooks available to global trekkers today! Some of our favorites are the following series:
Good introduction overview to regions/countries/cities and nice descriptions of particular sites:
Good information about hotels and restaurants:
Good practical information presented in a good accessible format:

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Books, Articles and Films on Rome

General Introductions
Historical Novels, Biographies & Films
Ancient Rome & Archeology
Early Christianity in Rome (for Early Christian Art - see separate heading below)
Series of General Interest (*) and Continuing Education Articles on Early Christian Rome (of particular interest to Evangelical, Reform and Protestant Christians)

Rome Belongs To You Too
San Clemente

Papal Rome & Renaissance Rome
Art of Italy (and Rome)
Women’s Studies in Religion - Greece/Rome/Early Christianity

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Books on Other Italian Cities/Regions

Italy in General

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Books on Interfaith and Ecumenical Travel and Dialogue

Three Faiths Spain

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Books on Turkey and Greece

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Books on World Religions

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Books on Ireland

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Books on England

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Books on France

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Books on Luther and the Reformation and Germany

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Books on The Holy Land

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Books on Pilgrimage Travel

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