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Asia and the Middle East
North America

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It is difficult to encompass the complexity of the African Continent in a few words! The vast desert and Mediterranean lands of North Africa – Morocco – Tunisia – Libya – and Egypt stand in stark contrast to central African lands of lush wildlife, nature preserves, and indigenous villages.

Travelers to Africa can journey back into great historical epochs at vast archeological parks where the life and times of the Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans and the Moors are experienced.

Africa offers opportunities for interfaith and intercultural experiences where indigenous religious beliefs and holistic approaches to healing are preserved and, in some instances, used to complement Western medicine. Interfaith experiences include not only the opportunity to experience communities with great religious diversity but to witness how African traditions have given unique shape to other world religions.

This is a continent of immense beauty, great history, and complex cultures – a deeply satisifying and challenging place to visit for those who seek to grow in their awareness of our world heritage and to practice compassionate and respectful ways of life as citizens of the world.

Ghana's Religious Pluralism & Legacy of Slave Trade
Tunisia and Libya: Archaeological and Cultural Treasures

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Asia and the Middle East

Asia has mesmerized and enchanted visitors for ages! From the Silk Route where ancient merchants traded Spices to European explorers who sought to find profitable trading routes across the sea – Asia has beckoned generations of globe trekkers in search of treasures – both material and spiritual.

North Americans are traveling now more than ever to India, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan! These lands offer a stark contrast to familiar Western cultures, broadening perspectives and awakening deep levels of soufulness as travelers experience Eastern religious traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism), different languages, unique art forms, non-Western approaches to health and healing, and scenery that lifts the human spirit with vast seas, great mountains and dark green forests!

For centuries the Middle East has been the crossroads of traders, empires and cultures - a region of great cross fertilization and long history.  For Jewish, Christian and Islamic civilizations, the Holy Land has been the focus of travel, devotion and personal discovery.  For generations, peoples in this region have considered hospitality a mark of genuine humanity and have welcomed travelers with open arms and warm hearts.  Vast archeological sites are profoundly illuminating of great historical events and epochs. Moreover, the region offers exotic resorts and pristine beaches, spiritually enriching pilgrimage sites, and opportunities for intercultural exchanges and learning.

Exploring the Heritage of Three Faiths in the Holy Land
Exploring Faith Heritage in the Holy Land
Encountering the Religions of the World
Early Christianity in Turkey
Early Christianity in Turkey & Greece
Classical, Byzantine & Early Christian Perspectives of Turkey & Greece
Classical Studies in Italy-Greece-Turkey
Invitation to Western Turkey:Early Christian & Classical Perspectives (xxK PDF)

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The European Continent offers world travelers a colorful quilt of languages, customs, enchanting villages, cosmopolitan cities and inventive cuisine. Vast empires have sprung from small countries, notably the Roman, Spanish, French, and British, leaving their mark around the world. Indeed – understanding European history is an important window into the art, architecture, politics, religion and culture of lands far and wide.

Some of the most important and impressive UNESCO world heritage sites are found in Europe. It is vital that these sites not only be preserved but experienced as they tell us so much about our past, our present and our future.

Travel to Europe provides opportunities to ponder the greatness of the human spirit as well as its tragic flaws. In few parts of the world can one visit in such close proximity great artistic and architectural masterpieces – memorials to tragic wars – and enjoy unprecedented scenery and local culture as in Europe.

Anges of Rome & the Early Christian Community
Art Historian's Paradise
Bernadette: Pilmgrimage to Lourdes, Parish
Classical and Renaissance Rome
Classical Studies in Italy-Greece-Turkey
Classical, Byzantine & Early Christian Perspectives of Turkey & Greece
Early Christianity in Rome
Early Christianity in Turkey & Greece
Ecumenism: Between Rome & Canterbury
Ecumenism: Between Rome & Wittenburg
Encountering the Religions of the World
English & American Authors in Italy
Exploring Franciscan Resources for Ministry: Retreat in Assisi & Rome
Exploring the Foundations of English Spirituality
Footsteps of Martin Luther
Heritage of Eastern Judaism & the Holocaust
History of Art & Architecture in Italy
In the Footsteps of Paul
Intersection of Art, Religion & Politics in Rome
Land of Saints and Scholars
Parish Leadership Retreat for Pastors, Lay Minsters & Parrish Professionals
Religious & Cultural Heritage of France
The Heritage of Three Faiths in Spain

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North America

Exploring the Interfaith Heritage of Trinidad & Tobago
Costa Rica: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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