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For centuries, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and members of other religious communities have made pilgrimages to holy sites as a way to deepen faith and renew themselves. The experience of traveling together to places of great historical and religious significance is deeply transformative. Participants return with a new sense of their place in a historical tradition, a renewed commitment to their faith and local congregation, stronger bonds with fellow sojourners, and a greater understanding of other belief systems and cultures.

Many congregations organize study tours and faith heritage travel programs as a way to advance continuing education and ongoing faith formation. These one or two week programs make religious history come to life, make more tangible the formative events of their faith heritage, and shed new light and perspectives on contemporary challenges facing religious communities. Some program ideas include:

We have 36 years experience developing innovative and engaging overseas experiences for diverse religious communities. We would like to collaborate with you in developing an effective program for your constituency. We offer a full-range of services to group organizers including creative and thoughtful program development, professional management of travel services (air, hotels, ground transportation, meals, local experts, entrances to restricted sites, arrangements for religious services), and streamlined participant registration and travel resource center.

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