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We delight in the idea that at our best we are all citizens of the world. We invite you to join our global community of family and friends and experience the difference travel can make in transforming perspectives. Illume experts offer travel experiences that foster global community, cultural respect, stewardship of world heritage, and compassionate living. Discover the world illumed.


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Travel experiences tuned to the specific interests of world citizens:

Whether your interests are in history, art, religion, womens studies, politics, or just about anything you can imagine, we have programs and have developed personalized excursions for people of all ages and curiosities (more)

Participate in the world community: Colleges, universities, and other academic institutions are increasingly finding that study tours are an integral component to a complete educational experience (more)

Find the destination country of your choice: We guide individuals and groups to places around the globe. Find your destination continent, country, or city of choice or contact us to arrange a program to your unique choice destination. (more)

Travel with scholars or spiritual leaders to places of great significance: Not yet part of a group but enjoy the company of others interested in world travel? Join one of our partners on a journey to diverse and exciting places led by experts across the globe. (more)

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