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Preserving values and vision

As our world becomes more interdependent, many organizations have begun to reflect a more international and global character in their membership, activities and mission. Some organizations were founded overseas and/or owe their heritage to a founder who lived and worked in other lands - such as Jesuit, Dominican, Franciscan and other institutions sponsored by religious orders - be they hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, or other social agencies.

One of the ways these institutions preserve the values and the vision of their heritage is by sponsoring conferences and seminars in the historical setting where the founder lived and worked. Some settings include Israel and Turkey (for interfaith organizations), Rome (for Roman Catholic organizations), Germany-Switzerland-England (for Protestant and Anglican organizations), or Spain & Eastern Europe (for Jewish and interfaith organizations).

Many institutions have found that they can grow their membership & engender greater excitement for their mission and activities by hosting retreats, seminars and conferences overseas. These events ordinarily combine business meetings with opportunities for historical visits, intercultural exchanges, or reflection in surroundings that are conducive to new perspectives, creativity and renewal.

We offer professional conference management in venues around the world. Our Boston-based team works seamlessly with our local affiliates in cities around the world - whether in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America. Some of the services we provide include:

We make it easy for conference organizers to focus on conference objectives - not on the logistics of arranging and coordinating international services. We have experience coordinating meetings for groups as small as 15 participants and as large as several thousand!

Other pages of interest related to institutional mission / professional development include:

Diocesan Pilgrimages
Beatification / Canonization
Heritage of Religious Orders