Feb 20 - 24, 2016

Dear Pope Francis


Illume is proud to share the exciting story of 12 children and one week in Rome, and our collaboration with Loyola Press to facilitate this gathering launching the book, Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World. Watch and hear children of diverse backgrounds and cultures meeting with Pope Francis as Citizens of the World!



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Dear Pope Francis is an engaging project that invites children from around the world to write questions to Pope Francis.

  Over 200 letters were sent to the Pope from places as diverse as China, India, Canada, Kenya, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, the Philippines, Argentina and the United States.  The Pope personally responded to 30.  Loyola Press, in collaboration with illume, brought a select group of children and parents to Rome to meet the Pope. 

On February 22nd, the Pope welcomed these children and their parents to the Vatican to learn more about what inspired them to ask the questions they did and to share his perspectives with them.  The meeting is reflective of the deep humanity of Pope Francis who is able to connect with people on so many levels and embrace and affirm the broad spectrum of Christian life.

Listen to these young people as they share their own stories and faith with one another.  Their sense of being part of a global faith community will be forever changed as a result of their time together.  Meeting the Pope was the absolute highlight of their pilgrimage, and the connections they made with one another are likely to endure far into the future and shape their attitudes about other people, traditions and faith. 

We can’t think of a more poignant and honored way to mark our 40th anniversary as an organization.  Discover the world illumed!




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