Apr 29 - May 10, 2018



In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius and Early Jesuits: A Pilgrimage to Spain and Rome


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We delight in the idea that at our best, we are all citizens of the world.  We welcome you to our global community of family and friends, having experienced the difference that travel can make in transforming your perspective.



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We appreciate if you would take some time to tell us your thoughts, emotional responses and feedback as they pertain to your participation in this program:




We are grateful for having had the opportunity to host you on one of our programs. You may be part of a church, school, or association that could organize its own travel event as a way to advance the interests of members  - such as art, language, music, history, ethnic heritage, books, travel, gardens, cuisine, wine, or other. We would like to solicit your support for our mission and work:

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As part of our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we've created a Facebook page to accompany our new website.  We'll be posting announcements and fun travel information throughout the year, so be sure to Like the page!


You may already be thinking about what new adventure and transformative journey you would like to pursue.  Below are some resources for inspiration.  Give us a call at 1.800.368.6757 x131 or fill out the contact form below to begin planning!  It was our pleasure to travel in your company and we look forward to being able to assist you again in the future.




Share your passion for travel with others by creating a travel event of your own for family, friends or colleagues. Illume takes care of managing the logistics so that you can relax and simply enjoy the activities you have envisioned for your journey together. This is group travel at its best – all of the amenities and ease of group travel – and you get to select your companions and potentially travel for free! Browse some programming ideas here.



Not currently part of a group, but interested in joining another? We enjoy a number of collaborative partners with uniquely designed events that offer individuals the opportunity to travel with scholars or spiritual leaders to places of great historical, religious and cultural significance. From time to time they open these programs up to past participants of illume programs.



See what your fellow illume Citizens of the World have had to say about their experiences. Please send any pictures or stories you would like to share to: travelogue@travelillume.com



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